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Vendor Platinum Registration

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Vendor Registration
Platinum Level

How to Register
1 - Fill Out Form
2 - Choose Any Additional Items
3 - Submit Form and OWTF will send an invoice for payment

About Your Business

In The Booth

Up to THREE vehicles are included in the Platinum Vendor package. Please provide vehicle information and a photo of each below. If you are having less than 3 vehicles in your booth, type N/A in required fields for the other vehicles

Note: there will be an option later in application to add more vehicles, if desired.

Vehicle #1 in booth:


Vehicle #2 in booth:


Vehicle #3 in booth:


Event T-shirts: 

Four event T-shirts are included with registration. Please select sizes below.

Note: there will be an option later in the application to add more T-shirts if desired. 


Up to 6 free entries are included for your team and show truck drivers. Please provide their names below. 

Note: there will be an option to add more entries later in the application. 

*Write "Spare" if personel is undecided*

Company Logo: 

Please attach your company logo here in one of the following formats: eps, svg, pdf, ai, or psd. 

Upload Logo

Optional Additions: 

More trucks?

Add more vehicles to your booth for $60 each.


More Event T-Shirts? 

Add more event T-shirts for your team for $35 each ($40 at the show). 

More Attendees? 

Add more entry passes for your team for $5 each. Note: regular entry will be $10 at the gate.

Social Media Shout Out

Note any special requests or comments. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Please email with any questions or changes. Additional vehicles can be added up until June 30/23.


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